Interview with DJ Mordecai

The DJ

DJ Mordecai

Undadoghiphop DJ Mordecai
DJ Mordecai

UDHH:  How long have you been DJing?

DJ Mordecai: Since 1999. almost 15 years

UDHH:  When do you DJ? Where?

DJ Mordecai: Currently we do a monthly boogie funk dance party at Balliceaux in Richmond, Virginia. As well as various other venues for one-off events in Richmond, Virginia Beach, Washington,D.C.

UDHH: Who do you rep?

DJ Mordecai: Crate Invaders, RadioActive Cardboard, HBR

UDHH:  What’s a typical day like for you?

DJ Mordecai: 9-5 grind then work on mixes and music when I find time.

UDHH:  Do you make mix tapes? What are some that you did? Where can you get them?

DJ Mordecai:  Most of my mixes are here: or and/or here:

UDHH:  What do you like about DJing?

DJ Mordecai:  I like getting people to dance and have a good time. Rockin’ a party, getting a good reaction, exposing people to new/different music or putting shine on forgotten artists/music.

UDHH:  What do you dislike about DJing?

DJ Mordecai: Pushy requests, drunk people

UDHH:  What’s hot right now to YOUR fans?

DJ Mordecai: New Jazz Addixx album (“Tomorrow’s Yesterday”), Oxygen, ohbliv, Flying Ginzu Brothers, Profound79, DJ Harrison, DeRobert & The Half-Truths

UDHH:  Being a DJ, what are your opinions on the current state of Hip Hop out where you are?

DJ Mordecai: Too many rappers, not enough quality albums/releases. Some folks like The Bum Rush Radio Show, Nickelus F, Antagonist Dragonspit and Photosynthesizers are doin’ it right though.

UDHH:  Who are YOUR inspirations as a DJ?

DJ Mordecai: Jazzy Jeff, J-Rocc, DJ Day, Skeme Richards, Mercury, Disko Dave, DJ Ragz

UDHH:  Any mentors?

DJ Mordecai: DJ Barnacles, DJ Ragz, DJ Sayeed, DJ Skruff, DJ Ghozt, Hurley, DJ Geometrix, DJ Phenom

UDHH:  Do you do anything else with your time? Any other endeavors?

DJ Mordecai: Beats: ,DJ b-boy battles, graphic design,and  record digging

UDHH:  Any shout outs?

DJ Mordecai: My fiance, all friends, fans and family.

The BBoy

Big shout to my Ahki for putting me on to this battle..

The MC

In my search for material/content, I ran into a couple dudes that I work with doing their thing. A crew called EMP, consisting of Skeme, Kid P, and So Nice. Check out the video:

…an interview is in the works…

In my haste to get this out..I didn’t include Graf..sorry..Any suggestions?


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