Interview with DJ JB1

The DJ: JB1

How do I start this? I’ve watched this brother grow from being a friend of my brother’s to a well known DJ/Promoter/Producer.

DJ JB1..pic by Trinity Everfor

UDHH: How long have you been DJing?

DJJB1: 19 Years

UDHH: When do you DJ? Where?

DJJB1:  Different places.Private gigs , mostly.Some clubs on and off, but no weekly spots, right now.

UDHH: Who do you rep?

DJJB1: Built for This Ent.

UDHH: What’s a typical day like for you?

DJJB1: I’m a social worker by day for a day care.I spend time with my lil’ ones and work on my Ent. bizz

UDHH: Do you make mix tapes? What are some that you did? Where can you get them?

DJJB1: Yes, I do. I’m actually behind, That’s my main focus , right now.I’m finishing up my mix tapes. My Bloody Bridge series was poppin’ back in 2001 to 2006! It featured local artists. When they’re done I will have them locally and online at

UDHH:  What do you like about DJing?

DJJB1: Controlling the crowd and playing music. All kinds of music! It’s been a dream of mine since I was a kid.

UDHH: What do you dislike about DJing?

DJJB1: Not much.Trying to please everyone, which is impossible. Can’t please them all!

UDHH:  What’s hot right now to YOUR fans?

DJJB1: Blurred Lines (Robin Thicke) and Versace( Migos f/ Drake)

UDHH: Being a CT DJ, what are your opinions on the current state of Hip Hop out there?

DJJB1:  It’s open right now, so it’s good for us.We just need the right sound and we can get on.It’s gonna get there.I have faith! I feel like I might have to be the one.

UDHH: Who are YOUR inspirations as a DJ?

DJJB1:  Red Alert, Kid Capri and Primo (DJ Premier)

UDHH: Any shout outs?

DJJB1:  My Bridgeport fam and my whole ‘hood!

UDHH:  Any mentors?

DJJB1:  DJ Kel Mel Prevail and DJ Poc

UDHH: Do you do anything else with your time? Any other endeavors?

DJJB1:  Being a Father, working on my Ent. company, resurrecting my Ent. business to label status to put out good, quality music. I’ve been doing beats and working in the studio since 1995, starting with my crew , Infinite Dialectz, which was a part of UdF (Undadog Family). I just want to do it right, this time, it’s been a long time coming…

The Bboy

More from my Ace, Curtis.Zuluuuu!

The MC

No Grad….still looking for suggestions!

See you next week!


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