About UndaDog..

UndaDog Family T-Shirt circa 1993

Undadog Family (UdF) I’m a stone cold Hip Hop head:

1. I did graffiti (not on walls, though).I’d battle “heads” on paper.

2. I used to break-dance better known as “B-Boying”. My last battle was against “The Terrace” brothers out in the north End of Bridgeport, Connecticut.

3. I was a DJ back in 1988.I did school functions and house parties. I made mix tapes. I ran with my man Yohuru (now a professor and published author) and Chuck ( now an established actor and writer among other things in entertainment).

4. I was an MC. I ran with Yohuru and his, brother Yotisse (The Young and The Restless)…Rally Round the Flag Productions (a collective of MCs, DJs and security. The DJ, LaSmouve is still doing his thing…)…and a couple of us splintered off “Rally” to form the UndaDog Family (big shouts go to a lot of “heads”, mainly Goob G, Freddie Flames, Raolow Montgomery, Danbino, Jimmy Hands, and more).

5. I’ve been a member of The Universal Zulu Nation (circa 1992).I even had my own chapter (Stratford and Bridgeport, CT).

The reason I’ve developed this blog is to keep in contact with not only my UndaDog State hip hop heads(I call Connecticut-The UndaDog State: the Third Not Heard. By the way, I COINED THAT PHRASE IN 1993!) , but to reach out to all “underdog “ and established hip hop purists/’heads”.

I realize that Hip Hop has a whole new climate, now. I can dig that. As long as Hip Hop is alive, I’m with ALL FORMS of Hip Hop!

With that being said…Welcome to UndaDog Hip Hop!!


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