UDHH: How long have you been in this game?

DMC: I’ve been rockin’ and rhyming for over 30 years. Its not a game to me. I don’t like that description…for me its a way of life.

UDHH: Who are your mentors in this?

DMC: My mentoring comes from the lessons taught to me from the music and artist that influence me everyday. From The Cold Crush Bros to Nirvana and all that good Classic Rock N Roll. My close friends I consider kind of mentors are people like Chuck D, Bumpy Knuckles, LL Cool J and most recently Tim Armstrong. These dudes talk music and life to me.

UDHH: How did you get started?

DMC: I started with Run in 1983 when we recorded our first single Its Like That with the B side Sucker MC.

UDHH: How does one make money in the rap game?

DMC: There are many ways to make money in HipHop. HipHop didn’t just create rappers.
It created journalist, writers, producers,designers, deejays, cameramen, engineers, sound men etc. Don’t look for money, look for a career!

UDHH: Do you and Rev. Run still perform?

DMC: Me and Run do spot dates here n there, for a special treat at festivals. We are not touring as a group or recording. That ended when Jay passed.

UDHH: What’s your take on the current state of Rap music?

DMC: Current state of Rap music is what it is.There’s a lot out there, good and bad.

UDHH: What’s a typical day like for you?

DMC: I spend most of my time in studio recording with my musician friends. New album I’m working on will be King Of Rock on steroids!!!!!

UDHH: This site is about all 4 elements in Hip Hop (MC, DJ, Graffiti and B Boy/Girl).What element(s) have you been involved with?

DMC: I started as a DJ (in my basement LOL) but I was good. I wanted to be Grandmaster Flash, but then I heard Furious 5, Funky 4 Plus One, Treacherous 3, Afrika Bambaataa and the Zulu Nation and Cold Crush and started writing rhymes. I did graffiti in my note books, not on walls LOL and I never could break dance. So 3 outta the 4.

UDHH: We have some questions from a couple readers:

 Who would you work with that would take Rap to a positive image?(Will A.) 

DMC: There is already so much positive Rap out, it just doesn’t get played on the radio.

Who do you see taking rap to the next level?(Mikel T.)

DMC: The one with the courage to address the issues, call out people, speak truth and rap the real is the one who will take it to the next level!

Where do you see rap in the next 10 years?(Chad P.)

DMC: In 10 years it will evolve rand revolve just like music is supposed to do.

UDHH: Who have you worked with?

DMC: Right now I’m working with Sebastian Bach Mick Mars, Travis Barker, Tim Armstrong, Rome from Sublime, Rob Dukes and Generation Kill, DJ Premier, Johnny Juice Colt Ford and a couple of other artist and musicians friends. The new LP is gonna be the most power packed fun ever!

UDHH: Any shout outs?

DMC: I want to shout out to all of my fellow orphans, foster kids and adopted kids!
I am you and you are me!
I want to shout out to all aritst and writers of comic books! I’m putting out my comic book this year and this Geek God Goes Hard for the culture! New LP may be named Geek God!( Forget the Greek god DMC speaks hard and rocks the beat hard from Hollis Avenue to Sunset Boulevard!)
I want to shout out to all of our teachers and educators! They are the ones that should be getting million dollar contracts like our athletes and entertainers!



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