The DJ

MPC 1000 Beat Making – King I Divine – The Come Up

Being someone who’s made beats in the past ( I still do it every once in a while for my blog), I’ve watched YouTube videos of other “beatmakers'”. I’ve watched this dude almost as much as I’ve watched J Dilla videos ( I love J Dilla aka Jay Dee). anyway, this dude makes heat. It finally hit me …share some of his HEAT!! So:

The MC





Big shout to the URL and SMACK..showing you some love!


Ever since the last issue, I’ve been getting mad love and promotion from Joe Parker and Benji Frank$ (Thanks, my dudes)..So, I’m gonna continue with some follow up material from the two of them.

Joey Parker sent me a video/audio piece that you can check out here

..and Benji Frank sent me this:

Benji Frank$ – Keep It Real



I’ve been following this series. I like what 50 cent is doing with this.Check it out:

16orBetter Ep. 28 – Ray Millz, Ron Dreamz, Worldarama, A-Shore




The B Boy/Girl

Breakdance Battle – Chelles Battle Pro 2014 Final





IN & OUT- FULL Graffiti Movie




Mixtape to check out:



I just want to take this time to give a big shout to ALL MCs and Producers who hit me up at Twitter… you’re all giving me an idea to fulfill a need.

….stay tuned…


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