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The MC

Joe Parker

MC Joe Parker

I first seen this brother on a video of Sway In The Morning.I liked his flow and he brought me back to my favorite time in Hip Hop music..The Golden Era…the 90s.No that he has an old school flow (Hell Naw!) was the creativity.I put the link to the show up on Twitter.He retweeted.He also “favorited” the tweet. In my mind, I had to make a move…Good move.I was able to just ask him for an interview and it took no time at all..he was ready!!!

So..without further ado, I introduce to you – Joe Parker

UDHH: I watched a video you did from 2 years ago with Squeegie – O.What is Sci_Fi_Lyfe?

Joe Parker:

 Aside from being the name of our collective, its a lifestyle. Its for anyone that chooses to live outside the box that society wants you to stay stuck in. That style that the normal world looks at with that judgemental eye. We r the new rebels.

UDHH: How long you been in this game?

Joe Parker:

 i’ve been rapping since i was about 13. My first time in a studio was about 16. Lol i can still remember some of the first verse i wrote its was fuckin terrible. But as far as becoming a creator in a professional level i think i took that step when i was about 22.

UDHH: Who are your mentors in this?

Joe Parker:

 To be honest i never had a mentor. I look at everyone else as competition before i look up to anyone. Every move me and my sci fi lyfe brothers have made we worked hard to get where we are going all by ourselves so i never really had the luxury of a mentor. 

UDHH: How did you get started?

Joe Parker:

I started off killing rappers in cyphers at my school and other high schools in my city made a name for myself which led to alot of nighclubs booking me to host events or battle mcs at their events. Hooked up wit dipset a while back dropped a mixtape hosted by freekey zeeky had some features from other dipset artists. So that was my first step into this game. Made me realize i can hang with the “heavy hitters” in the game at te time. Everything after that  led up to what you getting now. Dope bars from a seasoned lyricist 

UDHH: How does one make money in the rap game? What do you do?

Joe Parker:

Honestly theres no money in music sales these days everyone downloads shit for free. It doesnt even benifit you to sign to a major label unless your following is crazy. All your sales are made through touring and merch. Which is why we got in the clothing game early.

UDHH: Do you represent a clan/clique/group? If so, who?

Joe Parker:

Only thing we represent is sci fi lyfe .. Sci fi or die 

UDHH: What do you represent as an artist?

Joe Parker:

What i represent is the era where a rapper made sure his bars meant something. Where when you heard a mixtape it was a rapper destroying another rappers beat. Where there was lyrical competition. Thas what i represent. Thas where i come from 

UDHH: Who are you listening to these days?

Joe Parker:

Im a big slaughterhouse fan. I listen to eminem, kendrick, asher roth, mac miller, school boy q , action bronson to name a few where i still get that wow factor from what im hearing. And myself of course lol

UDHH: This site is about all 4 elements in Hip Hop (MC, DJ, Graffiti and Bboy/Girl).What element(s) have you been involved with?

Joe Parker:

Well besides the mc side of it i was also a dj for a while. Those elements are whats been missing we need that. Hip hop has lost that organic feeling. Im bringing that back. 

UDHH: Who are the artists you look forward to working with, if any?

Joe Parker:

At this point im open to whoever can force me to better myself lyrically. Im starting to gain enough of a buzz where i can care less if anyone wants to work with me. The people are starting to realize what we do and they are loving us for it thas all that really matters. 

UDHH: What influences/inspires your music?

Joe Parker:

My previous work is really my inspiration. I want to be that much better the next go round. 

UDHH: Where can we find you/ your music? Any shout outs?

Joe Parker:

i’m everywhere itunes, amazon, dat piff, etc.. just type me in and you will get all the dope shit you came for.
i want to shout out my sci fi lyfe brothers its a lot of them to name but just know i do this for all of us. I wanna shout out the homie,  Sway. Everyone that supports and shows love for what i do and of course for showing the love y’all have showed before. signing out i salute y’all.
Joe Parker-

This is one of Joe Parker’s Mixtapes.Take a listen:

The DJ/Producer

DJ Mustard LIVE @ Red Rocks


Graffiti: Art or Vandalism?

This is an age old argument.I’d like to hear YOUR thoughts on the subject.Hit me up at!

The B Girl

Bedlam 2014: 7 to Smoke B-Girl Battle!

I wanted to show love to the girls in the game.Enjoy, ladies….and gentlemen…

Thanks to Joe Parker for the interview.Tune in next Wednesday..Got more…got more!



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