Hello Gang!

I got some mo’ Hip Hop Culture treats for you and me!

I hope I did Biggie Smalls some justice for his birthday. Did you see it? Click here.

I’d like to thank you for tuning into this blog and those of you who “like” my Facebook page. Much love to you! Let’s get into it..

Kendrick Lamar and Mac Miller give you information on the Good Kid Mad City Tour.Wanna go? Check out the video:

I dig Kendrick Lamar.I dig Mac Miller. They both have that “old soul” ( 90’s Hip Hop) about them.Classic.

I like how Mac Miller is experimenting with music, too.Have you heard that Larry Fisherman mix CD? Really experimental.Reminds me of Flying Lotus.

In case you missed it. Download it here:

Now for my DJ’s:

Hazardous Obsession 2013 Skratch Battle

For my B Boys and BGirls aka Breakdancers:

For My Graf heads aka Graffiti Writers:

Day In The Life Of A Graffiti Writer: Day 1


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