Hip Hop 050113

What up?

Thanks for tuning into MY version of a Hip Hop blog.I emphasized MY beacuse this is VERY different then your average blog.I’m all about Hip Hop as a culture and began shining light on all elements recently.

I’m looking to get the latest news and videos for you….and I will. As a matter of fact, here’s a clip I got from TMZ about Wyclef Jean:

I have to say, he makes a valid point when talking about the instrument.Will it work?

He also has a new “Mixtape” called, April Showers:

Not Bad…Brings me back to The CarnivalHell yeah!

By the way, did y’all know that one of the MC’s from the group Kriss Kross died?R.I.P Mac Daddy…

DJs! I found a battle that you might be able to get in… Check this out:

Staying true to the new formula/format I got this for my B Boys/B Girls.( This one is close to home..Go SD!):

for all you Graffiti Writers…Here YOU go:

Well, It’s been real…I wanna give a big shout to Larry S. for joining the UDHH community! Looking for members, get your name on the list( Over there on the right, upper hand corner of the page).

Take a ride through the Elements of Hip Hop…


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