Hip Hop is Like..

What up?

It’s your favorite hip Hop Spot – UndaDog Hip Hop.It seems as if EVERYTHING now is Hip Hop influenced.I like that.I don’t like that.

There was a time where you actually had to wait for anything new in Hip Hop ( music, dance moves, videos, etc). With the ‘Net, that is all a thing of the past.You can find old, new, remixes, totally different versions of songs, videos, remixed VIDEOS , all sorts of shit.I like that.I don’t like that.

My feelings are mixed…So, I figured I would share some more things I found online that are , of course, Hip Hop based.

Let’s start with this video I got from Busta Rhymes.

Back in the day when I WAS B-boying( breakdancing ), we talking early 80’s, the Latinos/Latinas (i.e. Puerto Ricans, I was on the East Coast in Connecticut) were THE race that had B-Boying DOWN! Even when it got to the House Music era, Latinos had the grip on it. Not to say, there were no other races doing it, just saying they had a lot of talent ! Fast Forward 30 years and in my experience, The Filipino people hold the crown…Well, after seeing this today, although I knew other countries do have B boys/B Girls, I had to share.


If you haven’t guessed, I’m tapping into all 4 Elements of Hip Hop ( The MC, The DJ, B Boys/B Girls, Graffiti).

Why not? I should’ve done that already.So, here we have a graf writer named GUNS going through NY and Puerto Rico.

…and now a DJ Battle…

The DJ has come along way.Public Enemy’s Chuck D used to say Terminator X speaks with his hands.That is literally the case with battle DJs.


Hope You liked..see you next week!

Inky Mann


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