Interview with Da Bizness

Rob Bizness McDonald
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Earlier in the year, I was invited to see my ace Freddie Flames in LA at a show on 4/20 (2012) (Big shout to my “mans”, Marcelo, Swagg!t Dream Gang, The Stars Life Movement and High Life Clothing!!!). The show was a party to celebrate the infamous date, promote the debut of a clothing line and promote local (LA) artists. One of the acts was The Blockstars.At one point in their set, the host pointed out that they had a song rocking on Power 106.This song had my wife and I and  the party on FIRE! At this time I only had my blog,Inqronicles, going.As a matter of fact, I interviewed Swagg!t Dream Gang (Dream Livin’ !!). I figured I would get at this movement through interviews at some point in time.

Later down the road, I developed THIS blog. Now, here’s my chance.Without further ado, I introduce to you: Bizness of the Blockstars

I first heard you at Marcelo’s (Star Life, High Life Clothing) 4/20 party and clothing line debut. You were rocking with another brother and you were called BlockStars. How’d y’all start? What’s good now? The other cat I was rocking with is my “partner in crime” my boy Status who started the Blockstar Movement. Our squad has been going strong for 10 years now and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

What got you rapping?What got me rapping I would have to say would be my natural talent of being able to make words connect . I always had that gift but at a young age a nigga didn’t know what it was.. lol.. and among other things just my environment and the niggas I surrounded myself with ultimately got me rapping.
Why did you join the big game (Rap)? I joined the Game because of my passion for Music and the fact that my Team (BLOCKSTARS) & myself were much better then a lot of the niggas out
What’s the scene like in LA? The Rap Scene In LA is very….different and I say that in both good and bad ways. But to be honest a lot of these dudes don’t know what they doing behind the mic… lol… straight up.
Who do you look up to in Life? Rap? In life I mostly look up to my family members. My Grandfather who taught me strength, my Mother who gave me my “go getter” drive and my team (Blockstar Music) who keeps me level. In Rap I mostly look up to all the Greats including myself who gave me the style I have now. Growing up listening to Cassidy, Jay-Z, Lauren Hill and a bunch of other cats
Name projects you’ve been involved with (Past, Present, Future). I’ve worked on a lot of different projects but my most significant ones would have to be my sophomore mixtape “GoodMeasure” that I recorded up in Vancouver Canada. That tape really gives you a sense of where my life was and was headed. After” GoodMeasure” we dropped the “Blockstar Everything” mixtape which featured Myself, Status (Blockstar Recording Artist) & Disko Boogie. This Project was kinda thrown together with records from each individual artist’s project sort of like a preview of the projects to come. From then I bring you up to date with my most recent release “GroundWerk” hosted By Power 106 DJ Carisma and Rack City Producer Dj Mustard.

Who would you like to work with?  I’m looking to work with more producers then artists at this point in my career. Just to continue to define my style as well as make my mark in the Game. A couple of artists I would like to work with would be Rick Ross, John Legend, And Lauren Hill.

Who do you rep? What do you rep? My squad is the “Blockstars” Based in Los Angeles, California which stands for “Black Leaders Overcoming Criticism with The Knowledge To Succeed Through all Restrictions” .We Going on 10 years strong.

You’re doing big things! How’d you hook up with 106? We had been looking to link up with Power for a while. One of my team members actually ran into DJ Carisma while she was out working. He made her aware that we were looking for a host for my mixtape that could do it as much justice as the music and production on the tape and the rest is all magic… lol.

Who does your beats? Right now, I’m getting all my production from Disko Boogie who produced “IM FUCKED UP” by Problem. He has a long resume ranging from Kurupt to Snoop to Cali Swagg.
What do you like to Rap about? I Love rapping about MY story. I love telling the world who I am through my words. The aspect I tell my story from hasn’t briefly been told or hasn’t been told at all.

What do you like about the Rap game? Right now I’m enjoying the independence of the Rap Game. I enjoy being self made and people respecting the fact that a team and a plan you create your own lane.
What don’t you like about the Rap game? I’m glad you asked that …lol…….The down side to the rap Game right now is,in all honesty, niggas is WACK!.. lol.. Especially from my region. Somewhere along the line quality lyrics left out the window…..My new mixtape “GroundWerk” is the “New Standard for the Lames”.

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