Why are they called Mixtapes when they’re CD’s or downloads?

This is a question I would love answered. Mixtapes ARE CASSETTES! Who out there STILL playing NEW cassettes? Check ya history. I love rap music, but I HATE ignorance. Or is it just laziness? Know ya history hip hoppers…

Anyway, Here’s what I’ve been bumpin’…


Songs I’m bumping:

  • Now You Do
  • They Hate It ( my FAVORITE!!)
  • Great (feat. Casey Veggies and Mac Miller)
  • If It Ain’t Foreign
  • You Know What

Songs I’m Bumpin’ :

  • T.I. – I Don’t Like Remix
  • Fabolous (feat. French Montana and Wale ) – Dance Move
  • Pusha T ( Feat Lil John) – Everything
  • Lloyd Banks – CPR
  • Fabolous ( Feat The Dream) – Dope Bitch Remix
  • Pryme – They On It
  • J Cole – The Cure
  • Lloyd Banks (feat. Fabolous) – Bring It Back
  • 2 Chainz (feat Kanye West) – Birthday Song
  • Lloyd Banks – The Sprint
  • Rick Ross ( feat Dr Dre and Jay Z) – 3 Kings

Song I’m Bumpin’ :

  • Been Thuggin’ ( Reminds me of that song in the movie  Janky Promoters: ” Do the Bunny Hop, Do the Bunny Hop”)
  • We Ball (feat. Kendrick Lamar)
  • Don’t Call Me (feat. Too Short)
  • Gold Alpinas (feat. Rick Ross)
  • PG Click (feat. Niko G4)
  • Lately
  • 125 ( My wife is diggin’ this one – HARD)
  • P H ( This one is my favorite..A Sunday cool out joint)

Songs I’m Bumpin’ :

  • Swimming Pools (Drank)
  • Growing Apart (feat. Jhene Aiko)
  • Hiii Power
  • Faith (feat. BJ the Chicago Kid and Punch)
  • Black Hippy Feat. Bad Lucc – Target Practice
  • Blessed (feat. Schoolboy Q)
  • Let Me Be Me
  • Ignorance is Bliss
  • Average Joe
  • Far From Here
  • Warning Shot
  • Fuck A Hook
  • The Recipe (feat. Dr Dre) ( YOU know this song!)
  • P&P

Songs I’m Bumpin’ :

  • City of Sin
  • The Sprint
  • Chosen Few ( feat. Jadakiss)
  • Live It Up
  • Show and Prove
  • Terror Dome ( This is my FAVORITE)

Songs I’m Bumpin’ :

    • Slash Gordon feat. Murs Fashawn
    • Milinium Dodo 2 feat. Atmosphere
    • These Bitches feat. Slim the Mobster and Twista
    • Haraam feat. Sean Price ( My favorite..I keep this repeatin’ !!)
    • Stand Up feat Hit Squad Goon Dox, PMD, Sean Strange
    • La La feat Keith Murray ( This is my SHIT!)
    • DMX  – Get Your Money Up
    • Exist To Remain feat. I Self Devine
    • Work feat Watsky 

Make sure to come back August 22nd..I interview Bizness of The BlockStars!!

One Love

PS Check out this video :

Garth Grizzly ft. Narkotic – I’m Blowed:

Inky Mann ( Yoohoo!!)


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