My Hip Hop Update


I’m starting to get a lot more attention.I love blogging. I love Hip Hop.Apparently, so do you!

I wanna give a big shout to my man , Mark Gombar for putting me on to Expertiz...

Now, I need to get at this dude!

Here are some Videos I’ve come across:

Aaliyah ft Drake : Is Aaliyah the Tupac of R&B?

My new buddy on WordPress, put me on to some more Hip Hop Dancing ( a form of BBoying):

Lil’Wayne and Big Sean. Lil’Wayne is growing on me..I DO dig Big Sean, tho…

Some for you Odd Future lovers. I’m a huge fan of Wu Tang and what they did. I don’t know if this group like being compared, but…They definitely carry the torch! they’re on a different level with it, though!This is Syd the Kyd

Rick Ross is another one growing on me…but here he’s with Dr Dre and Jay z…why not give him a chance if THEY are? Right?Check this out

Now, I DIG Kendrick Lamar! Nuff Said..As my man, Thomas says, ” Heard!”



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