Connecticut Hip Hop is…

I was talking with a young brother by the name of Brandon Skinner in a Facebook room. This was his post:

At my job over the last few days there have been these cats from the South who my company had come in to replace the flooring. These were some cool ass dudes. ANYWAY, earlier this morning, I overhear two of these dudes talking rhymes, we get to talking and my man tells me he’s makin moves down in the TENN, all over the region. Tells me he’s worked with “this artist and that artist” and you know, when you first hear a n*gga say that, you’re always AT FIRST like, “whatever dude”. But he gave me his info, I checked him out. My dude is legit!

I commented and we had a conversation like this:

Me: Supporting local artists is BIG in the SouthEast to the West Coast

Brandon Skinner he was droppin that knowledge on me when we were vibing. Tellin me how much more love and support there is for cats over that way. Its good to hear. I support any cat making their art, so I had to give my man some shine, doing his thing in TENN. Cool ass cat too! There ain’t enough love and support this way. In the East its alot of spite and jealousy. This is the hater region of hip hop, LOL

Inky Mann Yep! That’s only because the attitude that exists in the Northeast (I’m from CT, by the way) is ” I’m the best”..if you support a rival, you are declaring ya self as a number two artist/ someone on someone else’s dick/etc….everywhere else says, ” If we support this artist , we’ll ALL have some light on us! We’ll be on the map!”….think about that. Right or wrong?The ONLY group out in the East to support each other are members of Zulu Nation..which I am a part of..

Brandon Skinner Absolutely, 10000000000000000% correct you are! I’ve had situations where I’ve seen a dude not even press PLAY on another artists shit to even hear what it sounds like simply because, like you said, he’s an artist in the same lane as you so you’re inside your own head, drawing unnecessary battle lines.

Inky Mann I give you props for admitting that…now, if others out there would..then y’all would work on several projects together using each other’s  strengths to forge ahead! I started a group like this in the 90s and had Bridgeport on lock! If you were doing ANY form of Hip Hop out were doing it with SOMEONE outta the group..theat group? The UndaDog Family aka UDF…Sonnie Seegz knows…he was in it..ask him..Every now and then I think of revamping that group and coming back out there to implement it..

Brandon Skinner ‎Seegz, in just the 5 or so years I’ve known him has mentored me and put onto so much on the mental side of the game so I can definitely see him sharing that vibe with you bruh. & you’re right, thats the movement the whole game needs on this side of the map these days. Collectivization. That Cyrus Warriors speech shit.

Inky Mann You hit that dead on the head, my dude..I’m out in the West, but, I watch y’all…and you also JUST proved a point..I wasn’t Sonnie Seegz mentor BUT he WAS in UDF and the cause is STILL working 21 YEARS LATER…hmmm..starting to get a lot of ideas in my head!…lol

To be honest, one idea I had was to get started on revamping UDF…Then I thought about it…I AM! That is one of the points of this blog. I want to put some shine on my UdF brothers that are still in the “game” or doing other things. That is why I interviewed Sonny Seegz and My man, Brandon (“ InTheMix”).These brothers were in (and still claim) UdF!!

Now, I think more can be done, but we’ll see…I don’t wanna step on toes, but I DO want CT Hip Hop to be bigger than it is! I support Hip Hop from all over the world! I’d just like Connecticut to get on the map a lot bigger!



That one Man Gang,

Inky Mann




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