Thanks to Hip Hop Bloggers

First off, I’d like to thank ALL of you readers who tuned into the French Montana Update post. That is my biggest post YET! Thanks, again.Thanks to French Montana !!

First, I’d like to thank Ms. Dynasty for re-blogging my post. I feel that’s an honor!

I’d also like to thank Digiindie for following me on Twitter. Straight up, they keep me up on Hip Hop news, music and videos. I actually subscribe to a few channels on YouTube featuring Hip Hop artists. I just haven’t shared. This is something I will be doing, from time to time. I’m always getting updates, so, like Digiindie (this is my giving y’all props/paying homage), I’ll be adding videos. I’ll be adding videos I think y’all like, but I’m also open for suggestions. They don’t have to be American artists, either. I mean I don’t want to be EXACTLY like Digiindie.

I’m also in the process of getting more Hip Hop artist interviews. I have a few up my sleeve.

Have you seen Mac + Devin Go to High School: the Movie? I did. It reminded me of How High (Method Man and Redman) except there was real weed education added to the story. Being an ex-pothead (and living in California), I was able to relate to the movie without picking up a blunt/joint/bong/vaporizer!! I’d call this movie a Rap musical with an all-star cast. It was a stone cold “stoner” flick. You can add this to your Stoner Movie (How High, All Cheech and Chong movies, The Big Lebowski).

A few observations:

  • Snoop’s son had a quick cameo
  • Snoop and Wiz look similar
  • Mike Epps is ageless and was in How High, too
  • The Assistant principal’s name is another name for a penis/”Dick”/”Johnson”
  • There were many rappers cameos in the is movie

And now, as I said, some videos I been “put on” to:

Mixtapes I’m Bumpin’ :

  • Fugo En Tus Oidos (Fire In Your Ears) – DJ Just Dizle
  • My Awesome Mixtape 3 – Clinton Sparks
  • CommoNasm – TenDJiz
  • Biggie Smalls Is The Illest ( The Best of)

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