French Montana at 4th and B, San Diego, CA

I’ll be honest. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone to a Rap only show/concert.

As with any show you got your share of rowdy, drunk, high patrons. It’s not only rap. Let’s make that clear. When I go to shows with my wife, as she says, “I’m always on point.” I’m prepped for a fight. She thinks I’m not enjoying myself. Nah, that’s not it. I AM…I just make sure ain’t nobody offending her or me IN ANY WAY. Examples would include pushing, shoving, fighting around us, trying to talk to my wife, you know – the regular shit that could ruin my night. I’m still good though. I’m still enjoying the music.

When I was frequenting shows, all this existed and went on, which is why I put shows like that on hold up until now. In this case, seeing French I knew that would exist, but I think my wife forgot. I was ready, from jump, to SIT and enjoy the show, not her…she wanted to be up front – standing. Ok. This is my wife; I want her to have a good time. She’s the one who got the tickets, after all.

I wish I could remember all the artists who performed. I’ll try my best to rattle them off, though.

The first act was a group from Crook Life records. They were a group of brothers (not literally) from Diego who pretty much spit tales of the hood. They came on stage “deep”. Big entourage. Sex . Money. Drugs. Rap.

The next act was a group from Stole the Show Productions. I believe there was an artist named Dulo and Klepto. Forgive me if I’m wrong. They were from San Diego, too. They were some cats reppin’ there hood, too. They had a song called Heaven that I dug. They had good music. One of them even pulled out a medicine jar filled with Kush (which was a song they had, as well). If you DON’T KNOW WHAT KUSH IS…ask somebody. Email me if you need to know that badly! Another highlight of the show: Some kid jumps on stage; I thought he was a part of the act. He was interacting with the group like he knew them. All of a sudden, one of the security members rushed him, scooped him up and ran stage left with the body! Wow!

The next group was a group that included a brother named Mr. Milky. He started off with a real “turnt up” beat and just went HAM (if you don’t know what that term is…again…Email me, or reply). I liked this cat. I instantly found him on Twitter to tell him that. He had two singers. A light skinned one who reminded me of the Al B. Sure /Christopher Williams era (that’s not a diss, it’s the truth) and a darker skinned brother who sang his ass off, as well. I believe the light skinned dude’s name was Ray. He’s supposed to be an up and coming artist. I’ll be looking out. They put on a good show. Large entourage, but everyone played there part on stage.

The next artist was Stones. His set was short. He did about 3 songs to a RESTLESS audience. What I got from his show was that he was related to Young Dro and Young Dro will be coming to 4th and B soon. He had this one dude on the stage with him who did nothing but felt the music.

Let me say this. There were A LOT of HIGH people on the stage this evening! Almost made me mad that I quit!

A solo artist came next. I don’t really know his name, but he represented for the Latinos in the audience. I think his name was D Rex because some girl behind me KEPT yelling that. His set was interrupted with technical difficulties and this girl DAMN NEAR LOST HER VOICE yelling, “We want D Rex!”

I should also point out that the show was EXTREMELY late starting so we all had been waiting about two hours for the show to start. People were tired of the opening act by this time. They wanted to see FRENCH MONTANA!!

“D Rex” did his thing, though. He has skills. After his set he co-signed for the next act to perform called TOA. I hope I got that right.

TOA was these two dudes who came with beats from the 90’s, so, they had my attention off that fact alone. I will say, though, I was ready for French to come on at this point. They had some lyrics and again some tight ass beats, but, I was biased because I was ready to see what the French hype was all about.

Understand this. Our host was a brother named Narkotic from a company called No CEO Inc. The entire night he was shouting out the name of his company, there slogan and “French Montana’s in the buildiiiiiing!”, so folks were ready to see French! Good job with promotion, Narkotic. He is definitely someone you want to promote you in ANYTHING you may be doing as long as he has a mic in his hand. He even came into the audience to, as he said, “Fuck wit’ y’all for a minute”. He shouted out people in the audience. He gave out CDs. He was on a good one!

Just when I thought French Montana was coming out, a group called Cut Throat Logic came out. I felt bad for them, in a way. They were tossing CDs and shirts and some of the patrons, mainly the guys, were throwing stuff BACK on stage. In fact, Narkotic had been giving THEIR CD out, so, when THEY started throwing them out and people realized what was in their hand, they didn’t want them anymore. They gave away to eager unsuspecting patrons or threw them on stage! Wow.

Okay. French Montana was next. I’ll admit I’ve heard a few songs by this brother and I knew of him for many years. When I was asked to go to the show, I figured, “Why not?”He’s a big underground artist. He’s done DVD’s. He rolls with Diddy and Rick Ross. I’m not a fan of Crack/Cocaine Rap, but I’m a fan of Hip Hop…Let’s go! The momentum was built up. My wife and I were listening to him on the ride to the show, all the way up to parking the car! I see this tall dude with shades on getting ready to hit the stage. Smoke was all in the air! Screaming and yelling was building up….then the beat hit. Boom. A bass heavy track came on this brother comes on stage doing the song and the pushing and shoving began. Everybody was amped!

I don’t know the songs, but I have some video…This is how his show basically went. He was doing his most popular ‘features”. He would recite his part, some of the other artist’s parts then let the song rock out or shut off. He would do an accapella of the next song to play, the song would come on, he would recite his part, and some of the other artist’s parts then let the song rock out or shut off. Repeat. He must’ve done that for 6 to 8 songs and the show was over. Yep!

I’m doing my best to put ONLY the positive I saw in the show out here in the blogosphere. This way you can do what YOU want with the information.

I give big props to ALL the local artists and French Montana for the show. I’m glad I wasn’t stuck in the house doing nothing.

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