DJ In the Mix

Back in the UdF days, there was this kid with this deep voice in the group Venoms.Venoms was a splinter group of the Blue Soul branch of the UndaDog Family Tree (thanks to Sonnie Seegz, who went by another name then). I remember hearing this guy and his lyrics were on point.He was a true representer of my vision. I wanted a LARGE squad with SKILLED lyricists.Not always easy.After all, I was trying to emulate Wu Tang Clan in Connecticut.

Anyway, fast forward to now and my man is DJingonline. I caught up with the brother I used to call “Info Red” to see where he is in the name game.Here we go:

1.       How long have you been DJing?    1 year

2.       When do you DJ? Where?   online radio and occasional parties
3.       Do you still rhyme? sometimes
4.       Who do you rep?   WCHS online radio and off course UDF
5.       What’s a typical day like for you?   music and promotin
6.       Do you make mix tapes? What are some that you did? Where can you get them?   no mixtapes yet
7.       What do you like about DJing?  making the people happy to the music
8.       What do you dislike about DJing?   the way the clubs and promoters treat the dj but without the dj the is no show the party can’t go on
9.       What’s hot right now to YOUR fans?     my fans are old school they don’t care for this new bebop lol
10.   I’ve known you for over 10 years and you’ve gone through a number of name changes. Do you know ALL the names? What are they?   Infrored, the gouch, double b, and inthemix
11.   Why all the name changes?  some names where taking and different names for different things

So..There ya have it..a lil’ shine on my boy, B.You can catch him on WCHS radio.You can catch him in Connecticut doing his thing and at the time of this writing, he was doing some community projects for the Youth in Bridgeport.G’head, B!

Check his Facebook wall  here..

What a week! did you know:

  1. Kanye’s house was robbed(Thanks Digiindie)
  2. Chris Brown and Drake got into it (Thanks Digiindie)
  3. Ice Cube‘s Birthday was the same as my middle daughter’s (June 15)
  4. Rodney King died
  5. Yvette Wilson died
  6. Kanye tweets a pic of a “naked” Kim Kardashian?

Next Post, my Man Sonnie Seegz…Y’all take care!


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