B-Boying Ain’t Dead

Universal Zulu Nation
Universal Zulu Nation (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I joined the Universal Zulu Nation back in 1992/93.

At one point I ran a few chapters.My daughter was born and I assumed being a Dad and kinda turned my back on the whole thing.Passing the position on to a trusted member at the time.One thing I’ll never turn my back on is Hip Hop culture.

There are 4 elements that make up this culture called Hip Hop.

  1. The DJ – The man/woman  behind the music.Using music to cool the savage beast.
  2. The MC -The man/woman  behind the DJ.Painting the scene with words of the times and /or area they live.
  3. The Break Boy/Girl(aka The B-Boy/Girl) – The man/woman who reps where they live through various dance styles,break dancing and crews.
  4. The Graffiti artist (aka Graf) – Using spray paint to rep where they come from and what’s the latest slang /event in their area.

I raised myself on Hip Hop. I study Hip Hop. I AM HIP HOP. I love Hip Hop!


So , I began this blog.I’ll use this as my way to show you MY love for the Culture. What will I do with it? Stay tuned.

Let’s start with my man Curtis…He’s a B-Boy.I have a recent battle from him.

Check these out ( He’s the Brother in red ):


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